From Vegas Showgirl to Consultant

Podcast Episode # 26

Muffy Churches has extensive experience in inspiring and initiating positive behavioral change in clients around the world.

Her fascination is with the power behind our ‘mind-set’, the notion that ‘what we think is what we experience’. She knows first-hand how our default thought patterns affect our personal and/or professional performance- how important it is for us to move from self-limiting, negative thoughts to ones of positivity and strategic personal vision.

[3.10] Hear Muffys journey for how she went from dancing, to working with Dean Martin, and then having an amazing career working in Vegas

[5.10] The transition on the how/what/why she followed her passion and started a G-String business

[16.32] Coach Yourself – the reason for writing the book

[18.30] The challenges of writing a book

[22.10] What is self-coaching?

[28.22] how do you stop that inner voice (and change the habit) that tells you you can’t do something?

[38.00] What can we expect as an outcome when we change the way we think

[40.15] The key ingredients for self coaching

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  1. I really really enjoyed listening to this particular podcast and Muffy’s points about being able to self coach so pertinent to me in particular. I’m about to learn some techniques with a NLP coach and will be combining my learning with educating myself in the use of Bush Flower Essences. It is the way of the future in this new and often confusing digital age.

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